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A series of meetings on technology, communication, culture and community. A space for exchanging knowledge about audiovisual transmission, free technologies, community communication, etc.

Team: Géssica Arjona, Kako Guirado, Maurício Schneider, Max Huszar e Ulli Nalin.

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scheduled meeting #02


Scheduled Meeting – radio broadcasting and community radio. The construction of a community radio is a challenge we have set ourselves on the 10th anniversary of Condô Cultural. The creation of a platform for the production and dissemination of content, conceived and executed with free technologies, on our own page. We still have a lot to learn on this journey, which is why we set out to meet those who already have experience in community communication.

Guest: Rádio Heliópolis 87.5 FM – Created and directed by UNAS – Union of Nuclei, Associations and Societies of Residents of Heliópolis and São João Clímaco, it is a non-profit community broadcaster.
The Radio Heliópolis team (announcers, technicians, coordinators and collaborators) is made up of approximately 30 volunteers, residents or not in the community.

In addition to eclectic entertainment (see “Programme”), it aims to provide information of relevance to listeners (interviews with professionals from different areas, news, tips, etc.); promote citizenship (exchanges of information, complaints, chats about citizen awareness, maintenance and conservation of public and private areas, etc.) and the pursuit of improving the quality of life and community development (dissemination of social projects, job advertisements and opportunities, courses, etc.).

“Sponsored with resources from the International Aid Fund of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Goethe-Institut and other partners:


scheduled meeting #04

We will talk to Anápuáka Muniz Tupinambá, founder of the country’s first indigenous radio. Rádio Yandê is a Free Media Point that started streaming on November 11, 2013.

scheduled meeting #03

Rádio Xakriabá 87.9 – Communication and Culture, launched on January 24, 2015. Youth plays a fundamental role on radio being responsible for carrying out most of the programming.

scheduled meeting #02

Virtual meeting with the community radio Heliópolis 87.5 FM. Sharing of experiences and exchange of knowledge.

scheduled meeting #01

OBS streaming program, possible software applicability and challenges of internet transmissions. Conversation between Aratan Brasil, Thomas Huszar and the Condô Cultural team.