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RádioTV Mundo Novo, an old idea and a new challenge that we set ourselves on the 10th anniversary of Condô Cultural – 2020!

A new way of communicating art and culture, focusing on the Vila Anglo Brasileira neighborhood.

Its development is based primarily on collaborative, free and secure technologies. Hosted on the Condô Cultural website (an important achievement), we have partnerships with: Instituto Goethe, Código Sur and WP Stream. As well as friends and partners who, in these first steps, help to create the programming grid.

The concept suggests the exchange of knowledge, meetings and community participation.

With the production and transmission of informative, cultural, educational, social and political content, it aims to bring to the daily life of the neighborhood, discussions on how to build a plural and citizen community, in the (post) pandemic and life context.

The name RTVMN is inspired by one of the neighborhood’s streets, which makes direct and associative reference with the residents.

Still in the testing phase and on an experimental basis in the implementation of this communication network, we are open to exchanges and new proposals for programming and incentives.

garden of delights

Tuesdays at 7pm
sharing ideas and tips on planting, cultivating and composting

harvesting recipes

Tuesdays at 7pm
each episode a tasty recipe with an ingredient harvested from Jardim das Delicias

selva (jungle)

Tuesdays at 7pm
a micro-series based on the philosophy of Marionete Livre and created by Juliana Notari and Laura Corcuera

fifth question

Thursdays from 9pm to 10pm opening of a process for sharing imaginary and exchange of references. a space to get to know the work of different artists up close

inside talk

Thursdays from 9pm to 10pm sato do brasil talks to a guest at each program to discuss current issues, all focused on the issue of human rights


Saturdays from 11am to 12pm
an interview program on culture, communication and imagination, conducted by Jonaya de Castro and with special guests.

memory inventors

Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm
a program that seeks out people who are dedicated to rescuing and letting the memories of their territories live. Giselle Rocha, a collector of memories, leads this trip

scheduled meeting

series of meetings on technology, communication, culture and community to exchange knowledge

café caipira

the caipira café brings to the chains the acoustic shows that take place in the backyard of the cultural condô. give the play and come have breakfast with us

the dream of the serpent

Saturdays from 12pm to 13pm
radio program where puppeteer Juliana Notari shares the dreams of listeners who are invited to send their dream worlds with songs composed by felipe mancini

what are you hungry for?

Saturdays from 1pm to 2pm interviews with figures linked to the world of food, education and culture, filled with music, chronicles and other elements.

fala comigo (talk to me)

Saturdays from 3pm to 4pm focusing mainly on the neighborhood of the Brazilian Anglo village, the program intends to have a healthy and fruitful discussion, in order to provoke new ways of living in community. guided kako presentation

radio ori mirim

Saturdays from 4pm to 5pm
a partnership with radio ori mirim, for beings of all ages! sharing cultures, values, ideas, feelings, perceptions, learning, poetry

like music

Saturdays from 5pm to 6:30pm interviews about musical processes that bring to the public the paths that the artist takes, his modes of creation, development, experimentation and curiosities in this making

aos vivos (to the living ones)

Saturdays from 7pm to 8pm
to the living - the living - aes vives the first radio program in wild portunhol from planet Earth presented by silvia nogueira and laura corcuera

3 ears on the road

Saturdays from 8pm to 9pm evaldo luna recorded several shows and now shares unique musical moments, with a special selection. records on K7 tapes, MDs, DATs, MP3s, and now on waves with artists of various styles.

horoscope of the mercury channel

Saturdays - between programs
astrologer, tarologist and professor Lucas Nuti prepares a weekly astrological forecast divided into four blocks that bring together the signs for their elements: water, fire, earth and air

poetic breathes

Saturdays - between programs selection of texts / poetry in the form of possible breaths in the midst of chaos. saved poetry, my people! let it be some treat

super cool

Saturdays from 9pm to 11pm
Bom Demais RadioShow is a music program designed to share gold mining, reminiscent of classics and talk nonsense. A program designed for Theo to channel all of his useless research that he has been doing in recent years.

city of women* exchange

In a Transatlantic Cooking Session between São Paulo and Stuttgart in the middle of the Pandemic, where eating together with the community became rare and risky, we teach each other a traditional dish from our respective region.