memory inventors

Inventores de Memórias is a program that highlight those who are dedicated to reclaim and bring back to memory their territories. Giselle Rocha, a collector of memories, leads this journey throughout 6 meetings.

Inventing Memories Team is

Felipe Mancini

Giselle Rocha

Luciana Julião

Sil Nogueira


memory inventors #06


In this episode, we heard the reflections of Géssica Arjona, Kako Guirado and Silvia Nogueira, from the testimonies of all the other Inventors of Memories, about the making the Condô experience, its inhabitants. The challenges of building meanings in this moment we are all undergoing.


memory inventors #06

Reflections by Géssica Arjona, Kako Guirado and Silvia Nogueira, from the inspirations of the other Inventors of Memories.

memory inventors #05

Jamile Santana and Lilia Guerra, two women of strength and pure beauty, tell us the stories that are not told at school.

memory inventors #04

Karaí Mirim and Naju do Amor Divino Pataxó, indigenous in the context of ancestral recovery, help us to look ahead and open our listening.

memory inventors #03

Sheyla Melo and Tamá Freire, women committed to the daily making of memories, with much affection, in Guaianases, East Zone of São Paulo and Sobradinho-DF.

memory inventors #02

Glaucia Cristine, Patrícia Brito and Padre Mauro Luiz da Silva are the guests of this episode.

memory inventors #01

Today’s episode brings guests Marcelo Belfort and Francisco Valdean, residents of Bairro da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro.