harvesting recipes

With each episode, Tábata Arjona will create a tasty recipe with an ingredient harvested directly from the Garden of Delights at Condô. This program seeks to inspire people to have their vegetable garden at home and produce tasty, nutritious and creative food with the plants in their backyard. Concepts such as permaculture, agroforestry, sustainability, anti-waste and organic food will also be introduced!

Team: Géssica Arjona, Kako Guirado, Maurício Schneider, Max Huszar, Tábata Arjona e Ulli Nalin. 

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harvesting recipes #08 kale


In the last episode we will make a rice ball with kale, very practical to complement lunch and also to reuse that rice from another day, but making it very tasty with the delicious and fresh kale from the garden!


harvesting recipes #05 onions and leeks

In the fifth episode we will have a delicious dinner recipe for the whole family! A risotto with onions and leeks from Jardim das Delicias with a touch of very creamy and full of flavor gorgonzola.

harvesting recipes #04 banana

The fourth episode we will present a banana cake recipe, perfect for eating with a cup of coffee. This combination is perfect for generating organic waste and producing fertilizer for plants!

harvesting recipes #03 Peixinho

In the third episode the recipe will be with a PANC called Peixinho! Let’s make it fried, super crispy and prepare a delicious mayonnaise to accompany the dish.

harvesting recipes #02 carrot

In the second episode we will learn from Tabata Arjona the famous recipe of Café Caipira do Condô: the perfect carrot cake.

harvesting recipes #01 Eggplant

In the debut episode, after learning how to plant Eggplants, let’s head to the kitchen! See how to prepare a recipe for a special Eggplant Lasagna.