fifth question

Fifth Question is a program dedicated to opening a process for sharing imagery and exchanging references. A space to get to know the work that each guest has developed in their different artistic areas.

It emerged in 2012 as a way to bring the public closer to the creative processes of different artists.

In 2020, he takes an investigative stance in the online interview format, where the public can participate with questions in an interactive chat.

Team: Géssica Arjona, Giselle Rocha, Kako Guirado, Maurício Schneider, Max Huszar, Ulli Nalin.

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fifth question #55

wallyson mota


Wallyson Mota is an actor, director, producer and educator, Bachelor of Performing Arts from UNICAMP, with complementary training at the SESI Experimental Center for Performing Arts. Director of the shows “Sem_T Título”, by Ariel Farace (2014) and “Santiago Morto”, by Liana Ferraz (2011). One of the founders of Coletivo Labirinto, having produced and acted in “Argument Against the Existence of Intelligent Life in the Southern Cone (2019)”, by Uruguayan Santiago Sanguinetti and directed by Marina Vieira, awarded with the Cleyde Yáconis Award at the Municipal Secretary of Culture of SP, and the “08 DISORGANIZING ACTIONS OF PUBLIC LIFE – THE AFFECT AS A POLITICAL GESTURE (2019)”, interventions carried out through Proac Artes Integradas. Theatrical pedagogue at Projeto Palco and cinematographic director for the International Film Academy.

He is an educator at Projeto Palco and a cinematographic director for the International Film Academy.


fifth question #49

From the transit between corporealities, memories, elementary materialities, art is born. Art and education with Beatriz Nogueira.

fifth question #51 pixel

The relationship of people with digital technologies. Virtual reality is augmented by the Pixel lens.