action emer gency covid -19

action emergency covid -19

In the emergence of the pandemic, we are building a solidarity network with actions aimed at groups, communities – indigenous and non-indigenous – and people on the street, especially those who are out of reach of organizations or in partnership with them.

Many people have collaborated in different ways on the work fronts. If you believe you can also collaborate on any of the fronts, contact us via whatsapp 4304 4121:


+ Mobilizing Donations – contacting friends, relatives and possible partners who can make donations and mobilize more people for the campaign;

+ Communication and Design – creation of cards and promotional material for social networks and groups;

+ Audio communication – creation and production of informative and poetic content (sending audio via message);

+ Audiovisual – production of videos and photos for the campaign;

+ Social Networks – sharing the campaign on social networks;

+ Mapping of families – direct contact (via phone and messages) to understand the situation of each family and the organization of the baskets delivery logistics; 

+ Shopping logistics – contact the establishments to make purchases and deliver them;

+ Food organization and hygiene before deliveries;

+ Creation of extra communication material and / or other materials that can make up the food bag. Ex: kit for children, informative material about care in the face of the pandemic, seedlings, books, etc.

+ Delivery and Withdrawal Logistics – delivery of baskets to the families served and search for new food donations;

+ Welcoming new participants. Talk about the actions that are happening so that everyone can understand the campaign well.

about the
performance in
vila anglo brasileira

#nobodylivesalone #gatherinthenet

Vila Anglo Brasileira, with narrow cobbled streets and rugged topography, where houses are embedded in the hills or below street level, still preserves a “neighborhood” atmosphere, and resists real estate speculation due to its peculiar characteristic.
The neighborhood is a periphery in the center. With more contact between its residents and families, this popular neighborhood has large hillsides, houses nearby and many families in the same yard, small shops, bars on street corners and people on the streets. At times it looks like a neighborhood in a small town, even though it is only a few minutes walk from the Vila Madalena subway.
At this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large part of its residents who were left without resources, needed basic food baskets, hygiene products, milk and gas. They are in search of various types of aid, governmental or not, because they are suffering the consequences of lack of employment, lack of information, training. They work largely in the informal sector, most of whom are women, heads of families.

Our work in the neighborhood aims to make an inventory of the women and their families who need help and then as we become aware of their situation it is possible to work with each family. Filling out the form does not guarantee help, however, we seek to serve as many families as possible. We have a goal of serving 100 families per month, in order to guarantee some continuity during this period. Register at this link:


We continue to campaign, until the situation of social coexistence and work is regularized or families have other forms of subsistence (institutional actions or government programs).

Our next objective is to collect and donate agro-ecological foods and to encourage cultivation in small yards to open discussions on the theme of food sovereignty and the importance of thinking about the cycle that food takes to reach our plate.

We have been carrying out these actions since March 23, 2020. Follow the list of donations and the results of each action in this

The first tab is the financial collection and the other tabs are divided by shares and are updated according to the events.

be a donor too!
we try to organize ourselves for continued action every month.
the forms of contribution are:
>> food donation – via whastapp 4304 4121
>> donors / donors – any amount, at the time you can
>> partners – those who want to commit to contribute, each month, with a fixed amount. let us know so we can get organized. a basic basket costs an average of R$ 120.00.

account information for contribution:
Instituto Cultural Mundo Novo (Condô Cultural)
CNPJ 13.357.823/0001-10
Bank Itaú
AG 0619
CC 00697-6

if you wish, send us the receipt via whatsapp 4304 4121 and the name for thanks. otherwise the donation will enter the spreadsheet as “donor / unidentified donor”.