café caipira

Café Caipira brings to the networks the acoustic shows that take place in the Condô Cultural yard. Press play and come have some coffee with us.

Team: Géssica Arjona, Kako Guirado, Jonaya de Castro, Giselle Rocha, Tabata Arjona, Maurício Schneider, Max Huszar e Ulli Nalin.

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café caipira with

musician simon


Born in 86 in the city of São Paulo, Diego lived there until the age of two when the family returned to the country of origin from Uruguay from where they had emigrated because of a military dictatorship fourteen years earlier. He was brought up in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo, Diego recognizes himself as “uruguay (cho) o” but maintained direct contact with São Paulo, until he was 15 years old. In 2011 he visited the capital of São Paulo to take a test at EMESP College, where he won a full scholarship to study cello with cellist Vana Bock, the cello of OSUSP cellos and entered the second cello of the Youth Orchestra of the State of São Paulo, with which he plays at Sala São Paulo and at the Campos do Jordão International Winter Festival. In 2012 he returned to Uruguay to play in the José Artigas National Youth Orchestra. Only in 2015 does he risk seeking his own voice, his solo singing. That was when Simon was born, an alter ego capable of singing his words in verse. That year he edits an album which is called En Un Punto (At One Point), and which was released in Brazil in 2020 by Alcalina Records (São Paulo).
“The show this Sunday will be talking to my innermost skin. Songs from the album En un punto that resemble simon’s first voice but several new compositions and perhaps improvisation depending on the sun and wind weather”.



café caipira with musician Simon

The musician “uruguayo” Simon shares songs from the album En Un Punto (at one point) launched in 2020 in Brazil by Alcalina Record label.

café caipira with felipe mancini

Felipe Mancini brings compositions from his 2019 album, Passagem, as well as songs from his second album, Idem, in the process of recording.