We often receive, through the various networks, artistic proposals to be carried out at the Casa.

After thinking a bit, thinking that we are few to coordinate so much and give due attention, we come up with a form.

The idea is to create a collection, a bank of proposals from artists of the most diverse languages: music, theater, dance, visual arts, marionette, circus, literature, among others. The selected initiatives will be part of the space’s programming in different actions.

The artist’s fee comes from the public’s collaboration, a suggested one.

If you still do not know or do not understand very well how the Condô works, we encourage you, before sending your proposal, to carefully read the mass content we produce for our website, especially the “about” and “home” pages.

Take advantage that the site is brand new and very beautiful.

The form contains simple topics, and if there is synergy / harmony with our different activities, we will contact you.