We believe

in transforming the world through art
in freedom with responsibility
conscious consumption
in the fight against racism, homophobia, machismo and fascism
in equal and absolute right to all
f o t o : r o b e r t a c a r v a l h o
f o t o : r o b e r t a c a r v a l h o

We seek creative and alternative processes of coexistence to think the world in a different way.

We seek creative and alternative processes of coexistence to think the world in a different way.

Our manifest

We are an association of people interested in discussing ways and potential of coexistence, with a focus on valuing a daily life rich in meetings and exchanges.

We want to connect with creative initiatives that aim to make the world a fairer place and in harmony with nature.

Based in a space of coexistence and dialogue between artists, cultural agents and the community, we exercise an expanded understanding of art, in which art and culture are deeply intertwined with life: it is also an artist who produces bread, who makes lunch, who water the plants and who paints the walls.

Thanks to this dynamic of daily care, it is possible for residents and regulars to get to know each other, often being contaminated by each other’s processes. We believe that the sharing of the domestic environment and the construction of affection intensify and enhance the creation of joint proposals by artists and collectives from Brazil and the world, giving full meaning to the existence of this space.

By choosing art as a vector for all transformations, we seek a flexible way of occupying this time-space in Vila Anglo, in order to intertwine it with the life that happens in its surroundings, while also promoting exchange with people and productions. from other places. With each artistic action, each birth and the realization of an idea, space is re-signified, making this characteristic and property so essential for society latent: the sensitive and poetic being that empowers and changes the world.

We ask ourselves daily about the impact of our actions in the world, about the way we relate to people, about caring for space and people. We experiment, we change, we do it again and between mistakes and successes we find new ways to connect with the world.

If you identify with all this movement, come have a coffee, exchange an idea, participate in a collective effort, get your hands dirty, support a project. Schedule a visit  or participate in any of ouractivities .


The Condô Cultural association (Instituto Cultural Mundo Novo) was founded in 2010. We are qualified as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest – OSCIP and accredited as a Culture Point.

We carry out different social, cultural, educational and political productions, promoting creation and experimentation. The associates contribute to the maintenance of the institution, investing energy, time and / or financial resources. Artistic production and programming is carried out independently in conjunction with associates and counts on the free and conscious contribution of the public.

As atividades abertas ao público em geral, como oficinas, aulas, encontros, apresentações, exibições etc estão divididas em três eixos:

The activities open to the general public such as workshops, classes, meetings, presentations, exhibitions, etc. are divided into three axis:


When the association promotes, presents, performs and produces social, cultural, educational or political actions, at the Casa or in other national or international spaces.

The productions represent the association and its associates and are aligned with our principles, which can be independent projects, proposals for other institutions and partners and / or projects carried out via public and / or private calls.

Follow our schedule and our projects.


When the association recognizes the social, cultural, educational or political value of a project and proposes to host it at the association space.

Accepting a proposal will depend on the profile of the project presented, taking into account the particularities of each action. 

Proposals may be submitted by any interested person, whether associated or not.. We prioritize actions proposed by members or by people and institutions that have already established a link with the association or that dialogue directly with our concepts.

All the proposals submitted go through an analysis of feasibility  and are linked directly through exchanges, which can be financial, services or materials. Exchanges are established according to the needs of the association and can be accepted, as long as they are in line with our concepts. Exchanges can be established based on our tables of values ​​and our exchange bank (material and service needs).


When the association recognizes the social, cultural, educational or political value of a project and proposes to donate or lend material goods, to offer institutional or service support.


The member is a natural or legal person who identifies with the objectives of the association: promotion of experience, discovery and creative expression. Meeting and coexistence between the community, artists, educators, technicians, socio-cultural entrepreneurs and company owners.

Members participate in the actions carried out by the association and contribute financially to the continuity of the program.

To learn more about our membership policy, contact us.